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The AFTER PARTY w Alex Rossi & Rhythmic Circus

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 

Alex and the members of Rhythmic Circus are putting on a show! But this time it's your chance to see them outside of the theater, and up close at Assembly Checkpoint. This is the only way to see Alex and the crew on their game, and in their element. With Fringe Festival favorites like Lady Rizo, Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum, Heatbox,  the tappers from "Feet Don't Fail Me Now", and many more as guests.  Do not miss this epic collaboration of musical talent. 
5 nights only!!!  August 10th, 14th, 17th, 21st, 24th. 23:55-3:00. 18+               




Live From MMI: Alex Rossi & Root City

Yes. That was me on the billboard. Want to see what it was all about?
Watch the "Live From MMI" episode here!


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Rhythmic Circus

So you always hear about us being on the road with the circus. Well, if you don't know what the hell people are talking about, why don't you learn about it. Take a look at my other crazy adventure in music.

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